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Testimonials from some of our clients:

Islamabad 2011 – Effective Communication skills

  • Hi Cath, It was really a nice course you taught and I enjoyed alot your way of teaching. It was outstanding. God bless u. Best Regards,

Sudan 2010 – Effective Communication skills

  • The whole operation went smoothly
  • I like the manner and approach that the trainer followed
  • I am interested in the way of study and presentation of the course
  • The course is useful. I like it very much.

Delhi 2009 Presentation skills course

Training venue created an excellent ambience for the presentation skills. All soft skills courses should be conducted outside office premises.

  • Trainer was good and he facilitated excellently our learning.
  • Practical part. It was good to present, then work on the presentation again, improve it and then present again.
  • The explanation that the trainer provided on the inadequacy of my presentation
  • It was an interesting session and we were able to learn a couple of very useful tips and explored some interesting topics which would help in improving my presentation skills

Düsseldorf 2009 – Customer Service Skills course

  • Congratulations to the teacher Jeff! He keeps us very motivated and encourages us to participate. Thanks a lot! The content of the training is very great and useful.
  • Clear language during the course. Trainer really relates the given examples with our daily work
  • The content is benefit to manage my action to each other. I prefer conflict management.
  • Positive atmosphere. Empathy with coach.

Berlin 2008 – Negotiation skills course

  • Good training. Good trainer with excellent intercultural skills
  • Thank you. It was a positive surprise how good this is!
  • Great!